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Getting Lifetime Status this year

Question asked by efishman123 on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by uatraveler1k

Hey Guys,


I need some help in understanding the rules for getting grandfathered into lifetime status by the end of the year. I currently have 645 lifetime nights with Marriott and 1,311,882 lifetime Marriot points. I made lifetime silver this year and thought I would make gold the beginning of next year and platinum some time after. With the announcement that they are changing the requirements for lifetime I started to look at how I could get grandfathered in at gold if I tried to work every angle. I read that past SPG points will count towards lifetime status.  I am trying to confirm this. 


I currently have 42,890 spg points and I just signed up for a SPG credit card that will give me another 25,000 spg points for a total of 67,890.  I am assuming in August they will become 203,670 Marriott points.  Will these count towards my lifetime status. 


I also got a Marriott timeshare pitch today that will get me another 25,000 marriot points.  If the SPG points do count that will leave me just needing another 75k worth of marriot points to get lifetime gold this year.  Very attainable.  If the SPG points don’t count I think I’m up the creek without a paddle.


Thoughts.  Thanks in advance.