Recent Web Changes

Discussion created by ljcevc on Apr 28, 2018

Please fix your updated website...it is terrible for anyone using a laptop.  I imagine you only cared about making it mobile friendly, but threw away any laptop functionality...though major airlines, spg, and others have figured out how to have a site work well through both.


Sign in:   requested multiple times while navigating the site...always confirmed, always shows correct account...then drops and demands sign in on next page, and next page while navigating


Reservation printing:  please fix your print set up.   100% of the time, the print pop-up prints out with overlay of background web page printed on top...thus a jumbled mess.   Printing the officially emailed confirmation, is 5 Pages! -- with a ton of worthless adds, etc mixed in...please email a format that allows 1 page printing of all important information:  Hotel address, contact;  dates of stay;  specific pricing per night and total; cancellation policy


emailing reservation:  your system now hangs up when requesting an email to a reservation...in the "reservation modify/ cancel" page;  small icons offer email as an option...screen pops up for email address, then when "Send" is selected nothing happens... that had been my way of getting around the printing mess noted above.  Note, this is not the automatic reservation notice sent to email -- which is not useful to print (per above)