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How to escalate horrific Courtyard Taipei experience?

Question asked by kjjerry on Apr 28, 2018
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Hello Marriott,


My wife, both of her parents and myself are spending a week in Taipei to take our wedding photos.  Because it is our once of life time wedding photos, we brought our most treasured items including brand new custom-tailored suits, shoes, and belts hoping to take memorable photos also can include Marriott into our memories.   We even planed our wedding at one of the Marriott /SPG hotel, Sheraton Dameisha resort Shenzhen, China. This showed how much we enjoy Marriott / SPG.


We plan to stay with Courtyard Taipei the entire time and we are still here 4/21-4/30.  However, after the physically demanding day-one of our photos shoot, we handed all our items to the 1F concierge to be delivered to our room then we headed to grab some last-minute dinner down the street.   All actions were captured on the hotel's surveillance video recordings which was shown to me by some screen captures few days later.


After stormy days, when we were heading out for our second day of photo shoot, we weren't able to locate several pairs of brand new shoes and some very nice belts including handmade belt purchased when we were in Belgium.  We then immediately reported to all possible location we may have miss placed the items and the hotel management.  Courtyard Taipei reviewed the surveillance video recordings told us that they were able to confirm we brought back the items and all items given to the were delivered to our room including the paper bag contained the missing items.  


As a loyal platinum member of Marriott, I immediately asked for the general manager of the hotel to see if they can do anything to help us to find the items back.   I was told by front desk staff manger that the General Manger of the Courtyard Taipei is aware of the issue and their entire management team all know about this incident.   I then was told the GM was busy and at other location.   I then asked to speak to the general manger via phone but was never able to connect.  I have yet been able to meet or speak to the general manger after 3 days.  I would like to officially complain the GM of the location for "soft decline" to speak to us.


Courtyard Taipei now ruined our wedding photos and left me only with a pair of Vans and a pair of dirty sporting shoes.  They never offered any help but simply saying sorry and wanted us to reach out to them.   I have been living in China and now need to find time and book tickets to fly back to US and other part of the world to replace the items so can have a wedding that do not look like a sporting event!  We probably need to spend money to re-book the wedding photo crews as our time slot has gone by.


I think I can call myself an experienced Marriot Courtyard veteran as had record checked into Courtyard Beijing without check-out for over a year!  Courtyard Beijing did an amazing job during my entire stay! Beijing GM Ms. Lew and team of managers was easily accessible as they often stands in the lobby every morning to greet people.    But Taipei was the total bum with un-reachable GM!


Thus, I am reaching back to US Marriott corporate to seek help of this matter.  I hope this is a major misunderstanding by the cleaning crew without the need to have anyone facing jail time.  However, the management team of Courtyard Taipei, especially the GM, should be reviewed.   I know Marriott sees all its employees as family, but offering them on the chopping block without any hesitation is way out of line! 


I would like to speak to senior management in the US and even possibly the group CEO as I really do not believe this is not how Marriott to treat is member and its employees.





1.    Courtyard Taipei’s surveillance video showed we handed the lost items to the concierge and was delivered to our room.

2.    Surveillance video showed cleaning crew took out a bag as trash.

3.    General Manager still do not want to speak or meet with a Platinum member even after with several requests into line managers.  We have been told it was informed to GM.

4.    Courtyard Taipei offered absolutely nothing to customer but simply warm greetings.

5.    Courtyard Taipei offer and did walked us to police station to file official criminal theft charges.

6.    Police heard the case and suggested the accompanying Courtyard manager to settle the issue quickly as the supposed video tape isn’t favorable to Courtyard Taipei.

7.    Courtyard Taipei did absolutely nothing at that moment.  We then had to file official criminal theft charges.  Seems would like to pin all responsibilities to staffs.

8.    We are discussed by such action.  Offering staffs on the silver platter of chopping blocks as this may be a simple but costly mistake.   This person may face several years of jail time which sure will have a life time mark!


As there is a official filing so this is already on the local news.....