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Who is responsible for promo offers and invalid links?

Question asked by pauly222 on Apr 28, 2018

This is an issue I've been trying to settle with Marriott and Amex.Both are throwing the ball the other way or tell me it's valid while today I know it's not.


Now at the beginning of april there was a special promo for us Canadian Marriott Rewards visa holders that had all their credit card cancelled in march..That promo offer was 25k SPG points after 1500$ spend if you applied by april 18th was sent to my email box like all others.


Problem is that link for the 25kSPG was posted on many website,points blog areas,easy google search and also on the official Canadian Marriott Rewards website and yes even the Amex facebook customer service gave me a link that was invalid if used?!


I saw the email which didn't give us a promo code or anything special so thought well i'm going to use the official site application page that kicks me to the exact same 25k promo page and applied on april 2nd.


Now my first bill cycle has posted and as Amex had warned me only 20K SPG bonus points have posted..Now I might with my big mouth be able to convince amex to give me my extra 5k SPG points or not but we should NOT have to chase around to prove that if we qualify we should have those points.

communitymanagers or anybody else that can help...


I checked for anything that stated only the email link was valid for the full promo offer and no places was it said and the links are exact copies with no promo codes needed or added either by the email or any other of the links that could be used.

A simple promo code would have made this such a simpler thing and no one but amex knew the bonus offer I would get after my application and that was known by my application reference number for my new Amex SPG credit card.


Have you had this happen to you before and what resolution method worked or didn't?