Gotta make Lifetime Gold! - suggestions and insights needed!

Discussion created by thriftyscrooge on Apr 26, 2018
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Hi all,


I've been off the boards for a few months; life and circumstances got in the way. Ended up not traveling much at all these past 6 least not for pleasure (or MR points!)


With all this broohaahaa about the upcoming new rewards program, I decided to look at where I stand presently, and what may be realistic from a Lifetime status perspective...i've read a few threads today by other members facing similar choices, and still lack here goes....


I'm currently about 40 nights and 160K points short of Lifetime Gold status (need 1.6M points, 500 nights) under the current system... I'm hoping to get there by Dec 31 this year, to get grandfathered into LTP in the new rewards system in 2019...if nothing else, just for continued lounge access!!!!


The issue I have is figuring out how to get there in the next 6 months. I already have the Marriott Premier CC (soon to be replaced the "newer/better" card....?) and accumulate the 1 elite night for every 3k USD spent...couple that with the 15 elite nights i will receive when the card annual fee hits, and a few hotel nights this year, I should be ok with getting another 40 nights this year.


The challenge will be the points. I don't have a lot of work travel on the books this year, and personal travel tends to use award points... which leaves me stuck trying to figure out how to get about 80K extra points this year from somewhere. This is where I'm hoping insiders can help with their insight.


My wife is currently an add-on user of my Marriott CC, but I'm expecting some pretty big sign up bonuses for the new card(s) next week. the questions at hand:

1.  Will my wife qualify for the bonuses, since she has never been a primary Marriott CC card holder, or is this a no go?

2.  If yes, and once we get the bonus points in her account, can those be transferred to my MR account without a charge? What are the limitations? Do they count towards my lifetime status, or not?

3. Will any other Marriott CC that I choose to sign up for in the coming weeks yield bonus points that count towards LT status? or is being a current card holder my downfall in this?

4. If I make the AWFUL (crappy conversion ratio) decision to convert my United miles into MR points, do those qualify for LT status? FYI - I typically convert MR points into United miles via the 7 night packages, so this may be "double dipping" if it's allowed...but thought I'd ask...

5. Are there other non CC based options that I can explore to make the point run?


I understand that the best way to get there is to spend some actual $ on hotel nights, but travel is slim this year, and I expect it will go back up again in 2019 ... by which time it will be too late to get in on the lifetime LTP for me.


Your help is greatly appreciated; I'm optimistic that I can figure this out with some "Insider information"!


Cheers, and hope everyone has fun at Double Tipple this weekend - I, unfortunately, will not make it thanks to daddy duty , even though I live 20-30 minutes from there.