Marriott Norfolk Waterside Poor Service/Stay

Discussion created by tker on Apr 25, 2018
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Staying here this week Mon-Thurs for a trade show. My wife joined me to spend sometime with family. Not a good experience. Honestly, one of my worst Marriott stays.


Problems start at check in. (I am not looking to never have problems. What is important is just being treated nice and resolution of those issues as available. Service!) The front desk clerk began check in. She said, your room with two doubles is on the 20th floor. I said, I have a reservation for a King. (Normally, I wouldn't even care. But my wife is on this trip.) have two doubles. Pulled the res. on my phone and asked her to look. "I don't need to see your phone, I can see the two doubles right here." I immediately asked for a manager and started to call MR. I was stunned at her response. Suddenly, a 6th floor king appeared. Great.


Rooms are being renovated-but right now-small TV no safe...just old and tired, but that will change.


Lounge is nice-great service and good food.


Tuesday I was at the show all day. My wife left the room at 9am to spend the day with nearby family. She got back at 345. I was back at 400. No housekeeping yet. I called and asked the hours for housekeeping. They said until 5. I find that unacceptable, but say OK-I need my room cleaned. We are going to the lounge. OK-they are sending someone immediately. Back to room at 510. No housekeeping. I go to the front desk. Clerk takes the info. I ask if I can stay to see if someone will be cleaning the room as its after 5. She said No, They wont give her that info but she's sure it will be clean. Seriously, you cannot tell me what you learn when you request the service? No. I ask for a manager. Housekeeping mgr comes down and is extremely apologetic and helpful. We are back in the lounge waiting for cleaning.


This is not a cheap hotel. $183/night full service hotel-with corp discount. They def need an attitude adjustment at the front desk. That's the frontline of interaction. Two poor experiences in as many days with different clerks.


Today (Wed) The fun continues. Day two of the trade show. Came back to the room at 2pm on a break room not clean...ok that's mid afternoon. But, I did comment to front desk because they were cleaning next door when I left in the morning. They said they were cleaning checkouts and stay overs were next. Fine. Back at 530, not cleaned. UGH. Back to front desk...we are short staffed and still cleaning. Someone will be right there. Head out to dinner. Back at 840. Never cleaned. As I approach front desk, two other people are having same problem. The bed isnt an issue. But the bathroom and trash need servicing. Plus they just need their act together. I asked the FD what's going on. "We just had a lot of check in and check outs." I said "That's what a hotel is..." I left and emailed Marriott. Enough is enough. The hotel is so out of touch with what's going on here. They really need to have a reality check.