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Platinum Benefit Choice

Question asked by normanp on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 12, 2018 by normanp

In mid May I will reach SPG platinum for this year (a few days before I reach LTP). Making  a benefit choice this year suddenly seems a lot more crucial, but I don’t really know whether any benefit choice will be honoured. In December last year I reached 75 nights by  strategically selecting the 5 elite nights award, only to discover now that I may lose one or both of the 75 night benefits (Your 24 and the fourth point) in August - no definitive answers from anyone yet.


Clearly I do not want to end up in the same position again. If I choose 10 suite nights, will 5 of them disappear in August. I could chose 5 more elite nights, but  Your 24 has disappeared from the 75 night benefit list and I will be spending points not money for the rest of the year so will not get any benefit from making 75 nights and I won’t get near 100 nights Disincentives to stay - a new concept, brought to you by Marriott. Gifting gold was briefly an alternative whilst status was being matched with Marriott, but the new status. rules that out. The safest option is the one night stay award, but how will that be affected by the category changes and will it be honoured at Marriott properties or restricted to legacy Starwood? Of course, if I was a better person I would take the donate to charity option.....but very sadly, I’m not.


So what should I do In this ever changing situation? Sage (and other) advice welcome.