Pre-payment for future reservations

Discussion created by mjm1986 on Apr 23, 2018
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I frequently make reservations six months in advance to secure lodging in a busy college town. Over the weekend, the only options presented to me on the Marriott web site were reservations requiring pre-payment in full. Most required a cancellation 30 days prior to the visit to receive a full refund. I tested this a bit and found that the prepayment requirement covered both weekend and mid-week stays. This town has multiple Marriott branded properties with different ownership groups but they all wanted prepayment in full.


I've never seen this before so I checked the same Marriott property / same dates on Travelocity and was offered the same reservation with no prepay and two day cancellation. I chose not to book the Marriott property but visited Hyatt website and found and booked a comparable property with no prepay and 2 day cancellation.


Has anyone else experienced this? Given all the continuing customer service problems at Marriott, it may be time for this Lifetime Platinum to move elsewhere...