Reaching Lifetime Status is Really Hard

Discussion created by bejacob on Apr 22, 2018
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There has been no end the talk of how to reach LTG or LTP in Marriott Rewards before the merge. Some need nights, some need point, some need both. If you're already LTP, feel free to stop reading. This is for all of us for whom getting the number of points or nights is simply out of reach.


For a lot of us, getting the points or nights is NOT easy. I keep hearing, "it's just 400,000 points, so no problem." Or, "you can easily add 100 nights to push you over the top." I don't know what kind of world some folks live in, but for me neither of those is doable.


I don't travel for business. I pay for all my stays. In just over 7 years with MR, I've only recently reach 1.4M lifetime points. Do the math. That's an average of 200,000 per year. My best year was about 300k, and that was due to some  MegaBonuses that were perfectly suited to my type of travel.


Ah, the MegaBonuses. Why not max out the current one? That's another 36k. It only takes 50 nights to get there. Again, I don't know how others travel, but the most nights I've stayed in one year is around 60-65. Add in the credit card nights and I can reach Platinum. Saying 50 nights between now and July 20 is laughable. Well if that won't work, how about scheduling a few meetings?


Rewarding events earn 10 elite night credits, so 10 meetings at $100 each (I have found meeting rooms for that price in the past) would put me about where I need to be. That means for $1,000 I could get the nights I need. Then there's this problem of 400,000 (or more) points. As mentioned a couple paragraphs earlier, that's about double what I've done in most years and well above my personal best. The idea that I could somehow do that in a few months (or even by the end of the year) is crazy.


I applaud all those who have figured out a plan to get the required number of nights or points needed. As it stands, I'm still 128,619 short of LTG under the current program (I have the required nights). Once I plug in my planned stays, that number drops to 86,538 (even factoring in the current MegaBonus points). There are probably more stays, so that number will go down a little. I'll also have points from my MR credit card. Even with all that, I'll still be a little short. I could purchase points, transfer some from my United Mileage Plus account, or transfer some from my Chase Sapphire Reserve card (I have more than enough there). Even if I moved everything I have, I'd be looking at less than 200k points from outside sources (don't forget that UA points transfers are capped at 50k per year).


Maybe for some, adding a bunch of nights or points isn't a problem. I'm going to guess that most of them are already LTP with Marriott anyway. For the rest of us, please stop telling us how easy it is. It's anything but.