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LTG Status Question - Where to sleep for the rest of 2018

Question asked by jeffwilliams on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by jeffwilliams

I think I know the answer but I KNOW this group will know the answer.  I'm at 232 SPG lifetime nights and 320 Marriott lifetime nights. I have 53 year to date nights and will do another 60-70 this year. I could spend the back half of 2018 in Starwood hotels to get my 18 additional nights for LTG (I have 7 years Elite in SPG and 5 years Elite in Marriott), or I could not worry about it as I believe 400 combined nights at the end of 2018 means automatic LTG in the new program. Do I have that right?  Thanks in advance Insiders.