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Can I earn SPG and Marriott Platinum Separately in 2018?

Question asked by pascal.daneault on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by pey

I am nearing 50 nights at SPG at the moment and will be at 9 years of lifetime platinum status.

If I stay 75 nights at Marriott hotels between now and 31 dec 2018, will I get 2 years of platinum status, putting me at the 10 year requirement for the new Lifetime Platinum Elite?


From what I can understand from the multiples sources of information's I will have 2 years credited and be Platinum Premier Elite (100 nights+) if I stay 50 nights at SPG properties and 75 nights at Marriott properties this year, but I have also seen information that after august, I will not be able to get "Marriott hotels" specific nights since the programs will be combined.


Since I will be moving a lot of stays from other brands to achieve this, I just wanted to be sure before I start cancelling reservations in the upcoming months.