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Dreaming of Maine

Question asked by vickiinvirginia on Apr 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by flexibletravels

All of this worrying about status and points has had one stellar result!  I've been bothering my husband about this as much as I have been bothering all of you, so he just popped up and told me to plan the vacation I've been nagging about for YEARS!


So, please give me some recommendations which fulfill the following criteria for where to stay:

1.  On the coast of Maine--right on the coast, not a mile inland!

2.  Must be able to sit on my balcony or terrace and look out at the Atlantic Ocean.

3.  Will probably go next October, so not too far north, but not too far south in Maine--should be cool, brisk perfect autumn weather!

4.  Near restaurants, dockside places where I can eat lobster until I fall into a seafood coma.

5.  Unfortunately, must not be a Residence Inn or Towneplace, but not particularly picky otherwise.


This is the vacation I've wanted for years, so I'm looking for perfection.  Please advise!