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Purchasing Star Points

Question asked by vickiinvirginia on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by mtl_traveller

I can buy 30,000 star points for $682.  If I do that, do you all think this will be converted to 90,000 MR points after August 1?  I'm currently lifetime silver, with 744 nights (and several more to come in the next couple of months), but I have only 1,386,576 points, so I need 213,424.  Looking at purchases, future stays, etc.  I've gotten the number of points needed to 140,000 approximately.  If I could get 90,000 points by purchasing 30,000 star points, I think I could get to lifetime gold by the end of the year which would become lifetime platinum under the new plan in 2019.  Will this work?  Or am I just throwing away $682?