I’m talking Breakfast

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Yeah, Breakfast. Have a good look my fellow soon-to-be-Bonvoy-Platinums



This is what’s coming at Resorts and Protea. 


Alas at AC, Moxy and Courtyards it’s SOMETHING MORE LIKE THIS - with apologies to brianandlin




Now whilst it’s a real improvement for Plats at Resorts and Protea, as far as AC, Moxy and especially Courtyards this isn’t quite the promised breakfast. Just run through the threads here and on Flyertalk, the number complaining about the lack of breakfast at many Marriott brands, but most especially Courtyard and Resorts are huge. I think most of us have picked at this scab but to no avail. 


But all hail the merger and the not-quite-end of this scab. Yet despite being announced on Monday, today, Friday, there’s no thread actually  acknowledging this beneficial change that will remove the significant expense, especially on our vacations at resorts. Really, theres more threads on the withdrawal of the free mug of Joe at Courtyards than there are about this significant improvement!


So, today is whinge-free-Friday. A clear improvement to our benefits at well over a thousand hotels worldwide. 


And, added 6th June 2018


I’ve only stayed at USA Courtyards 3 times (internationals are A LOT different) and had breakfast twice. Both times were during my 2016  research trip at the Courtyard Gettysburg and the Houston Brookhollow, so I’m able to check my claims and breakfast cost $13 each time. That was for a coffee and a plated breakfast with bacon and eggs. So I reckon it wouldn’t take much for Marriott to increase the value to, say $15 at breakfast (keeping it at $10 in the evening is fine) thus making good on their promise made in April.


And to add, the Resort breakfast benefit appears to be genuine, that’s as promised and a PROPER improvement. As is Protea. It’s AC, Moxy, but numerically far more importantly, Courtyard that Marriotts slipped up. This is more about over-promising in April and under-delivering in June. It is $10 per person, max 2 per room (nothing wrong in limiting it to 2). It is every day of the stay. It can be used on any F&B during the stay. So all that represents a definite and big improvement and had Marriott said in April that they’d be offering $10 per person per night to spend on any F&B at these brands this thread would have been just as positive when posted. It’s the fact that what was promised was breakfast and what’s delivered isn’t. 


I feel particularly bad for Marriott here, they’ve done so much to allay SPG fears, aligning the new scheme closely with SPG, bringing on board almost all SPG benefits, substantially increasing SPGers points per $ by 40%-84% (remembering that much of this improvement is realignment from SPGs emphasis on more valuable flat rate bonuses, it’s not as generous as it looks, but it is good!) and adding Resort breakfasts by making it an amenity choice. Yet this last minute parsimony or over-promise at Courtyards is a mis-step, there’s no denying it!


Hopefully it’s not too late to rethink this one slightly, Marriott...