MVC Time Share Questions

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OK - first off, out of respect for Mr. Whipple's landmark and very thoughtful thread

One stop shop for @communitymanagers to answer new Marriwood/Starriott program questions - Post your questions here!

please feel free to toss my three questions (scrubbed from FlyerTalk) into that thread, where it will apparently ferment for weeks until the infamous Appropriate Team takes their thumbs out of their ears (or your body part of choice) and provides our diligent CMs with a response.


I'm not messing with modifying his thread since it's even odds I would somehow press a button and wipe out the entire thread which would make for an unpleasant evening for yours truly at Double Tipple


Second, I am a frequent guest of some good pals (if you got a TimeShare you'll let me camp at, you too can be a 'good pal') who have asked me about TimeShares, I said I would see what 'the gang' says.


We have many very sharp MVC owners (Marriott Vacation Club - if you didn't know what that was - don't Reply ), so please share with me and others any info, thoughts, strategies you have about the following - thank you.



    1. Will nights stayed at MVC timeshares still count as stay nights?
    2. Will elite status still be granted for President and above MVC status? What will be the corresponding levels?
    3. Will arrival points still be awarded for Vacation Club stays?


One request - since I'm Sgt. Schultz (a blissful ignorance)


Please distinguish (and label) between verified fact and thoughtful opinion - thank you - dive in