Changes needed: Platinum Elite recognition/benefits

Discussion created by bethbeth519 on Apr 18, 2018
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It’s been my opinion, for a long time, that Marriott needs to step their game up where Platinum Elite recognition is concerned. I have a unique perspective in that, when I was in college, I worked as a front desk clerk at a Courtyard by Marriott property, from 2005-2008. Back then, the Platinum recognition was a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water in the room and the usual “Thank you for being Platinum Elite.” Not much has changed where Marriott’s Platinum Elite recognition is concerned. Yes, it’s improved over the pretzels and water but I feel that additional positive changes are needed.


For us road warrior Platinum members, we spend more time in Marriott properties than at home. Ensuring that additional comforts/benefits are freely provided should be a standard practice. I often have to ask, sometimes barter, for the things Platinum members are entitled to (e.g. room upgrades). Most properties I've stayed with don't even offer upgrades, even when asked.


Not to mention that I’ve discovered, over the years, that your Platinum status means NOTHING if you’re staying at a resort property (state side or abroad). I find this offensive in that, as a Platinum member, I have chosen to stay loyal to the Marriott brand, achieving Platinum status annually, but it seems there is no loyalty from Marriott to us at resort properties, especially when we all have other options where hotel brands are concerned. Room upgrades are few and far between, there is no free breakfast offering (as offered at full-service Marriott properties if you’re a Platinum member) or concierge lounge access at resort properties (unless you pay for it). I don’t understand this especially since we’ve already earned these benefits (through spending thousands of dollars a year). So, we end up having to pay upwards of $30 per person for breakfast when, per Platinum guidelines, we’ve already earned those benefits through the achieving of Platinum Elite status.


What are your opinions on this? Any ideas as to how Marriott can show more loyalty/appreciation to its Platinum members?