Rewards Certificate Conversion

Discussion created by atcmickey on Apr 17, 2018
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Hoping for some insight...


I currently have a Rewards certificate for 7 nights in a category 9. This came as part of a Flight/Hotel package redeemed.  Expiration date of certificate is 3/2/2019.  Do not currently have any reservation attached to this certificate.


Current Marriott categories are 1-9.  In August 2018 the merged Ritz/Marriott/SPG will have categories of 1-7 with category 8 coming in February of 2019. 


Question:  How will this certificate be valued on/after August 2018?  Will it be good for everything in the new categories 1-7/8?  Will it be re-valued to something else under the August 2018 category valuation?  If this certificate will yield a Ritz stay, then I'll happily wait to book something for after August 2018.  However, if this certificate is going to be re-valued (or maybe de-valued) into the new category scheme, then it would be nice to know so as to make use of it before August 2018.


I spent over 2 hours on hold with different folks on the Platinum desk and was unable to get anything other than "don't worry about it".  In fact, the first 2 reps I spoke with were unaware of the August 2018 change to category 1-7 structure.


Any thoughts/insights?


Many thanks,