Outstanding Service

Discussion created by nwaissman on Apr 17, 2018
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I would like to nominate Sophie Hoehn for her outstanding service on my recent trip to Marriot Grand Place Brussels in Belgium.


I have left my notebook case on the reception couch. She found it and store it, but even more, when she noticed I was not coming back for it, she was able to identify, by her own initiative, myself as the owner of the case and reached out to me (in my room) to inform me it had been found. I had not even noticed it as missing.


Anyhow, for her initiative and prompt action, I recovered it quickly and with no impact.


Furthermore, my extensive thanks go to Joe Silayan and Aminam Amirdinova, who have also helped on the identification process.


This is a great hotel and great service in general, but this time they went out of their way to solve what could had become a big issue for me. Thanks and thanks again.