HELP- need my points back

Discussion created by scottolevinson on Apr 17, 2018
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I signed up for the Marriott Rewards credit card just over 2 years ago in February, 2016, earning the points after using it frequently.  A few months later - I think it was May or June, 2016, less than 2 years ago - I stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott in Los Altos, CA for a big family event.


Now I'm trying to use my earned points to book a trip for my girlfriend's birthday present, and I'm being told that my points have expired.  They told me that I should have gotten an email notifying me that I needed to take action, or the points would expire... I agree, I SHOULD HAVE, but I never saw that email.  I've gotten several Marriott emails over the last 2 years, all for various promotions, but never saw anything about the points expiring.  I guess it's possible it could have ended up in my Spam filter, but the risk of losing 90,000+ points is definitely something that would have caught my attention.  Also, the fact that the Courtyard stay was within the last 2 years isn't being included because I can't find the reservation, which I think might have been on my Dad's dime anyway due to a lost wallet situation.


I stayed at the office super late last night, waiting on hold for an hour and 18 minutes, and Marriott never picked up.  (that's after their phone system estimated a half hour wait time on hold)  After wasting even more time trying to get someone on the phone this morning, I finally got to a person who very curtly told me that while she would file a report, there's no way to get my points back, and the supervisor would only call me back IF they approved reinstating my points.  Felt a lot like a brush-off from a company that I have always previously had good customer service experiences with. 


I've seen on this forum that other people have had experiences where Marriott customer service people on the phone are less than helpful/caring, but the folks from the Community Managers swoop in to redeem Marriott's good name, so I'm hopeful.  Anyone have any advice how I can get these points recovered, so I can take my wonderful lady somewhere nice for her birthday?? 


Thanks in advance!