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Lifetime Status Via MR Points By EOY 2018

Question asked by colins on Apr 17, 2018
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Hello community,


This is my first post here on Insiders, but I have been quietly lurking on this site for the past 6 months or so trying to glean details of the merger and I have been impressed at the knowledge and helpfulness of many of the members here.  

I spent a lot of time reviewing the recently announced benefits changes yesterday and also reviewing the various blog posts and threads following the announcement.  While I am familiar with how the new Lifetime statuses will be determined moving forward in regards to number of nights + number of years at a certain elite level, my question is in regards to the fine print under the new lifetime status table that allows for a Marriott member to qualify for lifetime status via the old method ("existing criteria") of points and nights through the end of 2018. 


Starting in August, you’ll be able to qualify instantly for one of our three Lifetime tiers:
Lifetime Silver Elite, Lifetime Gold Elite and Lifetime Platinum Elite.

You can qualify for Lifetime status based on your combined Rewards and SPG nights and Elite years. If you achieved Elite status in both SPG and Rewards in one year, you’ll receive credit for two Elite years. You can also qualify via the existing criteria through December 31, 2018. When your current Elite status is higher than your Lifetime status, you’ll receive the higher-status benefits for that year.



In August I will be at ~1.2 Million Lifetime points for Marriott putting me at Lifetime Silver.  However, I currently have ~150,000 SPG points sitting in my account  which will ultimately be converted to 450,000 Marriott Points  and my two part question is:


1)  Will SPG points converted in August count towards lifetime points thus elevating me to lifetime gold ? (as is the case with most people nights are not a problem for me) 


2) If the converted points DO count as lifetime points and I am able to achieve LT Gold or maybe even Platinum after the conversion say by November 2018, does my status get bumped up a level as the August 2018 Lifetime table would map?  I.E. LT Marriott Gold Achieved in November 2018 via existing criteria maps the LT Platinum in the new program and LT Marriott Platinum achieved in November 2018 maps to LT Platinum Premier? 


An answer to both those question will be most helpful in speeding up my chase for Lifetime status or dropping it altogether.