One Program: Read between the lines

Discussion created by fistuk on Apr 17, 2018
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With the upcoming unified 'one program' this August, and the new status tiers, here's a useful article simply explaining what is changed and some of the consequences:

Marriott Rewards & SPG Changes Effective August 2018 | LoyaltyLobby


I think the major conclusion here is that almost everything will become more expensive to the members. This one aligns with Arne's words in a recent interview stating Marriott must come towards its hotel owners.

The published redemption chart also implies we'll have a higher redemption rates.


One question which curious me:

What's going to happen with the Marriott-United Airlines joint venture?

The one program will now have points converted to all mile types with a rate of 1 mile for 3 points (a worse United conversion rate than the current one for Marriott members), so what does it mean?...