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How new tiers affect Platinum Challenge

Question asked by tuneman on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by delete_folder

A thought just went through my head, and the answer could potentially help those who have done a Platinum Challenge in 2018  (like seatexan)


seatexan, I know you just completed a Platinum challenge, and I'm assuming that will convert to Platinum Premier in August  (If I'm wrong, please, anyone is welcome to pipe in!)


The question....what happens next year?

If the above is correct, will you be granted Platinum Premier for all of 2019?

Or are you only granted the "new" version of Platinum, which would actually be today's Gold? (and truly wouldn't be fair to you, or anyone else)


Anyone know the answer to this? It could potentially help anyone who has taken a challenge in 2018 so far!

- D.

(p.s. communitymanagers, you are welcome to chime in as well!)