Qualifying Nights for Ambassador Service in New Program?

Discussion created by haftl31 on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by brightlybob

I've had Marriott Lifetime Platinum for a while.  My understanding is that will grandfather me into Platinum Preferred in the new program.  The only higher level seems to be Platinum Preferred 100 nights, which gets you the Ambassador and My24 thing.  Doesn't seem like there is anyway to get that on a lifetime basis.  My question is how are qualifying nights calculated in 2018?  If I looked at my current Marriott account I have about 70 nights and in my SPG account I have about 20, so presume you add them together to get 90.  However, some of those nights are from reward stays, rollover nights, from having credit card.  Do all of those count?  I know there is also the $20k threshold, so rollover and reward wouldn't help there.  I read that if you qualify for Ambassador level with SPG for 2018, the $20k is waived, but does that mean only SPG nights (not Marriott)?  Sorry for long winded question.  Thanks in advance