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"Math" question re: Lifetime Plat (old -> new)

Question asked by tuneman on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by 702rugbyref

Very interesting video conference, although I will say I learned more by heading to the website, without having to watch 15 minutes of National Geographic footage ;-)


OK, math question to see how I might fit into this new tier equation....


We know the "old" Marriott Gold will be the "new" Marriott Platinum. And the "new" Lifetime Platinum will require 600 nights and 10 years of status.


My question:

Will the 10 years of status include "old" Marriott gold, or only "old" Marriott platinum?


My point, as I expand:  "old" Marriott gold and "new" Marriott platinum are both 50-night tiers, and I've had many years of "old" gold (where I've stayed 50-74 in that year), but only a few "old" platinum (where I stayed 75 in that year).


How will they equate those 10 years?

Will they include all "old" gold, or strictly platinum (even though 75 were required)?


Thoughts? :-)