Whats your opinion - will I end up with LT PP?

Discussion created by stellaky on Apr 16, 2018
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Trying to decide based on what I've read what my fate will be in 2019. Currently MR Plat, with 700+ lifetime nights (and 1.8 million LT points) and 2018 marks 9 years with that status. I will likely not qualify for Plat in 2019 under the old rules, due to a job change. BUT, I most likely will hit gold for 2019 under the old rules which = Plat with new rules for 2019.


Also, I'm currently already MR LT Gold, which will transfer as LT Plat - right? So my question is - do you think I'll end up with Lifetime Premier Platinum status if I qualify for my tenth year as Plat in 2019 under the new rules? Or would I have already had to have my 10 years as Plat before 2019 and under the old rules only? Will there not be any new Lifetime Premier Plat statuses after August?  Thanks for any insights/opinions you could share