Ritz Carlton 3 free nights certs question

Discussion created by westuh on Apr 16, 2018

So I got these 3 free night certificates for the CC signup bonus. Right now theres almost no way for me to use them because I currently lost my job and theres no Ritz near me and wont be traveling in the near future because of this. I tried to see if they would break the certificates into Marriott points but they wouldn't. Am I just screwed out of them now? Kinda feel a little bummed that I pay $450 a year to own one of their cards but yet they cant help me out .Thinking about canceling the card now. So now the question. If I book a stay using those certs and cancel it the next day, would I be refunded via points or those e-certs again? Thanks and sorry for the complaining, ive never been so frustrated before with a hotel.