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Elite night and points credit for 2 stays during same dates

Question asked by nikolaikarpov on Apr 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by normanp

While traveling I stayed two Marriott hotels same date. At one I got early checked-in checked-out after 4 hours then after short flight I checked-in at different hotel at another city for one day.

Second hotel credited night and points next day after checked-out but first hotel have permanent problems with processing stays. So I send folio to Marriott customer care and was shocked after replay pretending NO POITS AND NIGHTS CREDIT for multiple stays same date!

I have found NO ARTICLE in Marriott Rewards T&C prohibited elite night and points credit for stays same date at different hotels.

And it is absurd prohibited this!

So Marriott (at least in person of customer care associates) encourage me to book Hilton or Hyatt during my travels??????!!!!