Marriott Rewards Expired: Kind...but Unhelpful Marriott Customer Service?

Discussion created by hubnah on Apr 14, 2018
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So I unfortunately lost my job ( can unfortunately happen to any of us). When I traveled at my old job, I would only stay at Marriott's as they have always been clean, in the best areas to access my customers, and had really nice, helpful and frankly "real" employees. This last point meant a lot when I was visiting unfamiliar areas. They employees always helped out with recommendations, how to get around, etc. Good stuff and the reason I like Marriott.


I wasn't traveling when I was out of work...but THANKFULLY I have a new job! Woohoo!


I am set to travel again and have to book three separate Marriott Courtyards in Houston. I logged-in to my account and was surprised to learn that the reward points that I gathered over the years were gone & expired. Ugh. I called Customer Service...waited for an hour...spoke to a nice rep who said he couldn't help me. But he passed my request/transferred me to another department. This new rep said I had to speak to the previous department. Ugh! She was kind and looked in to it more and spoke with other people and eventually came back and said "Sorry, we can't get your points back". Ugh again.


With business travel, I had been a loyal Marriott customer. I want to continue that with Marriott again, and I want other business travelers to feel confident that when they stay with a company like Marriott, even when life throws you a curve-ball and you are unfortunate enough to lose your job....that Marriott doesn't hold this against you and keeps your points (or is able to reinstate them)


communitymanagers, might there be something you can do for me? And considerations for people who go through this...who are supporters of Marriott's service, and have already been dealt a blow?