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Miami and Missing Points

Question asked by irmogirl on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by irmogirl

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. But I have a few questions.


I recently had a fire at my house, so I was staying at Residence Inn, so I got points from the stay based on that, but unfortunately, I'm missing almost 24 days worth of my stay! I've submitted the missing nights, but my question is a few folds... Will I get the bonus points of a current promotion (like the one now is 750 bonus points per night after the 3rd night, or would it go back to what was active at the time of my stay?


2. I am heading to Miami next week and currently I only have 35,000 points and Silver Elite. If I book the room now, and they post my missing points and nights and become Gold Elite, would I still be eligible for those benefits (such as room upgrades, etc) or would it not because I booked before I was "technically" a Gold Elite Status. Sadly, I'm just 7 nights or so short of Platinum Status once they post my missing nights.


3. If once they post my points and nights and become Gold Elite status, is there a hotel near MIami that usually gives the complimentary room upgrades? With all the headaches from the fire and my contractor, I would like to treat myself, but didn't want to use all my points on one night.


Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated.