Harassed by the Manager

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I have a complaint to do against the manager of the Springhill Suites in Addison, Texas on 15255 Quorum Drive, his name is Mr Matthew Padilla.  I'm a Platinum Premier for Lifetime member with over 1,843 nights spent at Marriott hotels and over 3,332,935 points on my lifetime status. I have earned 72 nights this year at Marriott locations across the USA.



I demand respect as a guest and as a human being and this person was screaming and pointing the finger at me because I didn't agree with what he was saying.  He is very unprofessional, rude and unpolite. He even said he would call the Police at me and when I asked his name and said I would call the Platinum guest to open a complaint about him he said he would go after me if he lost his job.  Whaaaaat?!  Is this serious?  I still can't believe what I have just gone through with this person just because I went to the front desk to ask why the points I had for a day after reservation had not been credited back into my account after I canceled it.  He told me that he would not return my points because I had cancel it less than 24 hours and ok, I don`t mind not having them credited back into my account but please, what kind of employe is that?  He made me feel as a criminal telling me he would call the Police if I asked one more time to have my points back.  I was with my Dad who is an old man of 79 years old and he was pretty nervous watching all of that, even his blood pressure got higher and he was feeling sick when we went back to the room.  What`s going on here?  Come on, this is unfair and I do NOT admit to be harassed by a manager of a hotel where I AM the guest and in a chain that I am not a one night only type of guest and even if I was I wouldn't admit that.  He seemed to be drunk and I could smell the alcohol from the other side of the desk. I am staying tonight at this hotel but if I coud i would leave immediatly but my Dad is not feeling well and because of him I'll stay but be sure that tomorrow I'll call the Platinum desk, the supervisor and even Mr J.Marriott to let the word out and let people know what is happening to me and my family in this hotel.  I can't believe he THREATEN me and said he would go after me if I opened a complaint against him.  That's not acceptable.

I hope to hear from someone soon otherwise I am the one who is going to go to the Police tomorrow to open a Pllice report.


Thank you.