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Question about SPG Q2 promotion

Question asked by kills99.9ofgerms on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by kills99.9ofgerms

I have a SPG stay that starts on the last day of the SPG Q1 promotion April 15th for 6 days (April 15-21). Will the entire stay be part of the Q1 double points promotion?, or will April 15th be part of Q1 promotion and the ensuing days (April 16-21) be part of the Q2 promotion of 250 points per night starting with the 3rd night (April 18), or will the entire stay be part of Q2 since the checkout date falls within the Q2 promotion?


Has anyone had a stay with crossover nights within two different SPG promotions? If so, were your points correctly posted into your account?, or did you have to call to get it all posted correctly?