Canadian promotions on new amex credit card that had been cancelled by marriott rewards visa

Discussion created by pauly222 on Apr 8, 2018
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Hi,i'm new here so here it goes to all Canadians signing for this promotional offer.


This was for Canadians that were kicked off the Marriott rewards visa which was great but what can we do and only good until april 18th...So the promo was this...get 25k SPG points/75k Marriott points with this new amex SPG card when you spend 1500$ in the first 3 months..

Now this offer was sent by email but also thru other websites and by a simple google search like American express for starwood preferred guest credit card and the 25k link was there sending you to the amex promo page and application window by applying now....also and this is the one we used was directly on the Canadian site where it would have a learn more tab that sent you to the exact same amex application page with the same promo offer..also on other credit card news site have the same links to the Amex page apply now area for the exact same promo..


Now the problem....


Amex only gives the 25k SPG points/75k Marriott if you go thru the link in the email and no other method going to the amex application website will give you this bonus offer and will you 60k Marriott points instead(basic offer).


Having passed most of yesterday,5.5 hours to be exact being bumped from SPG,Marriott,and Amex customer service with nobody taking responsibility with this info and mess here I am.

I have called and emailed Amex and Marriott gave me a paltry 4k good will points that is still short 11k in value...difference of the 60k instead of the 75k Marriott promo..


Now to be clear we qualify for this's exactly what was offered,we were Marriott rewards visa credit card holders in good standing and for the life of me cannot understand how Marriott sends a link thru email and they have an advertisement on the marriottrewards Canadian website and you check the Marriott rewards overview they have this big banner with the credit card we now have with exclusive offer and a learn more tab that when you click links you to the exact same American express promo page that the email does that Amex will not honor.

I'm tired of fighting's still there today(this am) but all links except going thru the Marriott email don't give you the promo offer but the basic 60k points offer.


PS. Only Canadians on the Canadian Marriott rewards site can see this 75k special offer tab because the customer service rep couldn't see it but could see the google links going to the exact same page.


Any help or suggestion?? Thanks!!