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Has anyone noticed a severe drop-off in the Elite customer service line lately?

Question asked by kenneth.sweet on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2018 by mariepuissegur

My question is related to a three-part issue. Here are some details.

About me: I am a Platinum Premier member, aka Marriott's invitation-only reward level. I'd like to think I am pretty easy to please, but do expect some level of responsiveness/service for my loyalty.


1. The wait times for the <hardly> Elite customer care number the last two days have been more than 20 minutes every time I have called (more than 10 times). You'd think this would be a hint.

2. The Platinum Elite reservation line, which I thought might be able to help me, seems to have transitioned to an automated system which forwarded me to customer service before even asking for my rewards number. Hopefully this was a glitch. I was so shocked, I triple checked to ensure I had dialed the correct number.

3. I stayed at the Marriott Phuket - Merlin Beach in Thailand from 11-15 March. My stay was pre-paid, though the charge did not show up until 2 or 3 days prior to arrival. I never received a receipt for the room charge. I have a folio for my food and beverage charges and a credit card statement showing the room charge was made. I called the Elite customer care line about ten days ago to report the missing stay (about two weeks after checkout). At this point, I feel lucky I ever got ahold of a person. The customer care agent was awesome, super friendly, and assured me that she would personally see my issue through to the end. According to her, it might take a day or two to hear back from the hotel. I'm still waiting. I also asked her why, if I booked through the Marriott website, had a Marriott reservation number, and paid with a Marriott (Chase) credit card, she could not see ANY record that the booking ever happened. She said that she has no visibility on international stays. Seriously? Also, Marriott does me the friendly service of immediately deleting any record of a reservation from the things I can access the second I check in, so I cannot even retrieve a confirmation number or show that the stay was pre-paid and what the rate was.

4. The hotel stay was great. However, I have two specific issues with the follow-up customer service. First, I know you are probably thinking, "Why didn't you just email the hotel and ask for a copy of your bill?" I did. I also noted that I was extremely unhappy with my 1600 Baht "limo" service to the airport that I booked and paid directly through the hotel. I never heard back on either account. To clarify, 1600 Baht is about three times the rate for a shuttle van, which I took from the airport and found quite miserable. The hotel advertised Limo service as a Toyota Camry, which I routinely saw picking up passengers. When I reported at my scheduled time, which I had booked several days in advance, the woman at the desk told me my car would be ready in a couple of seconds. She then hustled around frantically for about 20 minutes. I finally stopped her and noted that I had been waiting 20 minutes. She said one second, went to the entry, and then came back and said that my car was ready. To my dissatisfaction, my "Limo" was a van with a commercial taxi logo on it. One I could have flagged down outside the hotel for around 500 Baht. Since I was now running late, I had no choice but to take the ride. I relayed all of this by email to the hotel, and have not received a response.  


So, after a decade of staying 100+ nights a year, achieving the coveted Platinum Premier status, and traveling places to to get a stupid Marriott Reard badge, I find myself sitting on hold, contemplating switching brands. I have the AMEX Platinum card, which offers free Hilton Honors Gold. As an aside, I typed this entire email while on hold and have not connected to a person yet. Hanging up now. If I do not get a resolution through this medium, I suppose I'm going to burn the Marriott bridge.