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New York hotel suggestions

Question asked by josh__wong on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by austinguy

Hey everyone! First post here after reading so many different topics!


I'm looking to go to New York at the start of August for an extended long weekend (Friday-Monday) with my wife. It will be our first time there and we are hoping to do all of the touristy things!


We like newer or renovated places that are clean but have no need for anything too luxurious unless the price is right! I am looking at a couple of places and am wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestions with quality of hotel as well as location. I chose the ones here based on free breakfast as well as great reviews on the Renaissance.


- Renaissance New York Midtown

- Fairfield New York Midtown/Penn Station

- Springhill Midtown/5th Avenue

- Fairfield Manhattan/Times Square

- Fairfield Manhattan/5th Avenue