Guess Where I Am... ? Fun- YES!

Discussion created by wmrobins on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by iahflyr

Inspired by posts such as Another day another stay by kills99.9ofgerms (I get a kick out of the telestrator / play-by-play type pictures kills99 always includes) I was thinking it would be fun if people posted "Guess Where I Am At" (or "Sat" for brightlybob and other Brits ) that included one picture of something to help identify the property but not completely give it away, for example a pic of the executive lounge, lobby, view from the room, unique room, etc.  To me that would be fun...


Or it could just junk up the site with 2 year old posts popping up every time someone dug up an old one and commented.  If there was a way to cap the response period at 2 weeks or 30 days that would help but I don't think that exists.


Any thoughts???