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I want to know how safe is our credit card info with Marriott Hotel.

Question asked by varun_sahgal on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by uatraveler1k

I stayed with Marriott Dubai Harbour Hotel & Suites in February 2018. After 2 days of my checkout, my card was used for an amount in excess of AED179.04. I sent them an email on March 25, 2018 to which I have not received any reply. There is no email address mentioned on the website and no customer care number works for me.

If my card info can be used after I have checked out without my authorisation, then this may be a regular practice. As customers are normally busy and doesn't realise till they get their statements. We used a travel cad which we reload when we travel to different countries. We came to know this on March 25, as we were loading currency for our travel to Hong Kong.


Can someone throw some light on who should I write to for getting the money back as its reflecting as negative on my credit.