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While digging around looking for what Starwood properties offered club lounges, after coming off of my recent success at the Sheraton in Clearwater, Fl (screechowl, this one actually - currently - provides free liquor ) I came upon this link which appears to list the current Club Lounges. I keep using current because of the dynamic nature of 'The Integration' and also as in this example - Categories are outdated


Here are a couple of observations and key warnings;

1) I cannot for the life of me figure out how (or why) Starwood lists the properties like this - just a random (IMO) list. I have not been able to click beyond Country (i.e. - I haven't been able to categorize by city or state - if you can, please advise - thanks).


2) WARNING: for whatever reason, the Categories have not been been updated - so check the latest rating.

    Don't whine to me when you discover to your chagrin, the Universal Sheraton and other similar values are not the Cat. 4 deal that it's showing - thank you.


3) Here's the key takeaway for me - there are currently (until Arne and the boys take out their scalpels) some very good offers (not every night, so you must check specifics - but especially over weekends) regarding airport properties with Club Lounges offering Parking Packages. Here's just a few (there are others but I had an Easter Egg hunt to attend);


Atlanta Westin,

Dulles Westin (one of the very best - 2 weeks for often only $15-30 more)

Westin Crystal City (which serves for DCA - Reagan National - DC)

BWI Sheraton

Cleveland Sheraton

LAX - yes, it's steep, but still a savings over the parking rates

there's several others (Hartford for example) -

so worth a glance if using a hotel and parking at the airport


Always trying to give the Insiders a value for their Insiders membership fee - (what, you're not paying annual dues? bbob will be in touch soon ) here's a bonus article that I had read long ago and stumbled onto it once again - highlighting all of the money in the integration of the two companies;

Annual Savings and Implementation

Marriott’s rollout of Project Tetris is projected to be a net benefit to owners. With implementation scheduled for April 2017, full-year savings are expected to be achieved in 2018. However, at this time, corporate guidance has not yet been provided as to when these savings will be reflected in 2017 property reforecasts.

Projected annual net incremental Savings for this 400-key sample hotel is estimated at between $100,000 and $200,000 per year once integration expenses ($100K-$200K) have been deducted from the projected annual savings ($200K-$400K).


Now the question - will this make Starwood owners generous and they keep the status quo of their approach toward elites or will it make them hungry for even ?

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