Double TIPPLE month is finally here!

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April 2018. The month in which the EPIC (according to iahflyr) gathering of Marriott Rewards Insiders happens.


Just think, a gigantic Marriott love-fest where Insiders get together to share stories about their favorite Marriott properties and experiences. Oh sure, there will be the usual complaints about the IT issues, destination fees, and the like, but after a few drinks, we'll all forget about that (at least for a little while). Where else can you profess your love for all things Marriott?


Still confused about the name of this event.

Well as our Hawaiian-shirt wearing British friend brightlybob will tell you, it stands for




Pints &




Whether you choose Pints or Liquor (or something less potent), this is your chance to socialize with the likes of brightlybob, erc, nationwide, or MRI legend pingreeman. Wanna meet pluto77, razorbackfan, seatexan, or jsucool76? Here's your chance.


And brightlybob is not the only one coming in from England. fistuk will be here too. pey and yogib are coming down from Canada making this a truly EPIC international Insider Gathering.


The last time a bunch of us got together was in Houston back in September 2016. Who knows when the next time will be? At TIPPLE-the-First (as that original gathering is now known) we had about two dozen attendees. This time we're expecting to double that. In fact, the list is so long, it's difficult to include everyone here. Check out the Double TIPPLE (Insider Gathering) Guest List for the names of everyone planning to attend.


If you want to be part of this, you've got until April 6 to make plans. Details are at the Double TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info. After that, we're sending the final attendance count to Marriott. Chances are something like this won't happen again for at least a couple years (if ever). Don't worry if you miss out. You'll be able to read about it.

For those of you who are going... see you soon.