Deceptive Pricing on Website

Discussion created by keglerbill on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by starguy

Once again, the new "improved" Marriott website strikes. It used to be that if you were booking a room where the rate varied from night to night, the site would show you the cost of each night PRIOR TO you finalizing the reservation.


Now, on the other hand, it goes like this. I find a hotel in Germany that I need for five nights listed as "From 195 euro per night". I choose it and it shows me the different rooms and rates, and I see one that says "195 euro per night" (Not "From 195"). However, in smaller print below the "195 per night" it says "2411 euro". When you click on "Select" it says the room is 482 euro average per night for a total cost of 2411 euro. So much for 195 per night. It also does not tell you how much each individual night will cost -- until AFTER you book the room. Then you can access your reservation and see what each night's cost is.


Would much prefer to see the average cost per night shown up-front at the initial search, rather than the lowest price per night during the stay. That would save a lot of time looking at hotels out of my price range.


Just another version of "bait and switch".