Ritz  Grand Cayman

Discussion created by jerryl on Mar 29, 2018
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stayed here a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful hotel and very expensive. It has two towers one back from the road with garden/ pool views and one ocean front . We stayed in the ocean front top floor with great views. As you would expect the staff was great. there were a lot of families with kids so if this bothers you it may not work. Of course it was spring break. The beach chairs especially  on front view get taken real early so I rented a cabana for three days so I wouldn't have someone two feet away and I wanted shade. Restaurants are really good but very expensive. Blue which is world renown was fantastic but for two will set you back $ 400-600. They don't have a free lounge but there is a room which is limited to a number of guests and you pay extra and has food. Beach is lovely and the hotel location is in the middle of seven mile beach so you can walk to a lot of other restaurants. eat at Edwardo's for one of the best ( reasonable ) Italian meals I have had. There is a Westin nearby that looked nice and I bet much less expensive.