Concierge Lounge in London County Hall

Discussion created by anjrober on Mar 29, 2018
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hi there

i have a trip upcoming soon to the london county hall.  i received a nice welcome note from them, but it also mentioned that the CL access was member+1 and an extra $40 for a child.  Frankly i find the member+1 rule problematic.  I find the general rule BS.  Further, it is so poorly enforced its problematic.  Twice recently i have been in CL's where a sign says member+1 and its has a tables full of little kids.  not making noise, being well behaved, but i'm sure dad didn't just pay $40 for each of those three kids.  (i asked so i know he didn't).  We stayed in the CL in paris, vienna and austria and none of them had this add on cost. 


so my long-winded (sorry) ? on county hall is, is this enforced?  i'd hate to waste the $40 per day only to find it not enforced. 


finally.  my son is 12.  quiet.  well behaved and a light eater so he isn't a kid you would ever have a problem in a CL with. 


thx all.....

have a great day.