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Help Marriott Rewards Points Processing Questions

Question asked by vtmom on Mar 29, 2018
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I am hoping someone can help me understand which charges from your folio statements are sent to Marriott Rewards for processing into Marriott Reward points.  I just finished staying two trips of three weeks at Marriott Aruba Surf Club.  For some odd reason it takes MSC forever to upload their folios to Marriott Rewards for processing.  After my first 3-week stay this year (over Jan/Feb) my stays didn't even show up in my MR account!  Through various phone calls and emails and finally my having to scan in my folios and email them to MR, MR entered the dates of my three 3-week stays into MR account - they were able to see them in the system under my MR# and then verified that I did stay at MSC with my folios I sent them.  However, the points for those three weeks weren't entered into my MR account - MR wouldn't enter the MR points until verification with MSC in Aruba.


Once back in Aruba (a few weeks later) for my second 3-week stay there (each week has a separate reservation number) I had to bring this up with the GM of MSC to discuss the problem.  He said they would work MSC trying to get their folios to MR faster.   Let me just say I've spent probably about 2 full days on these Marriott issues - time I shouldn't have to spend on trying to get my MR points.  I'm a Lifetime Status Marriott Rewards Member.


Finally some points have come through.  However, the amount of points wasn't what I thought they'd be.  Can anyone please help me to understand what Marriott deems as "incidentals" to process for MR points?  From what I could gather from a MR rep is that the incidentals are everything on the bill, less taxes.  However, on our MSC bills they don't separate out the taxes on everything (i.e. meals charged to room, products from the hotel store charged to room) so how could you ever know what the taxes truly were?  Are things like Palapa Rentals charged to room incidentals - or not?  What is and what is not an incidental?


It would be great if Marriott could give us a clear cut printed definition of how they calculate their MR points from our folios....I think as members we are entitled to this.  I have searched online for such a chart and at but have come up empty handed.  I am new to this website so perhaps members have some sort of chart as to how MR processes MR points and what constitutes incidentals.  Hoping someone can help.


The folio totals below are from my most recent 3 week stay at MSC and are via my Marriott Vacation Timeshare.  There are timeshare taxes each night and some environmental levy taxes - but even when I deduct those taxes off the folio total it still seems that I wasn't awarded the right number of points.  The folio does not spell out clearly what all the taxes are for the week.  It would be very helpful to know what is and what is not an "incidental" charge.  My folios for my last three week stay were purposely closed out (by me) after each and every week - I do this because otherwise it's just about impossible to figure out if I'm even getting remotely close to the amount of points I've earned.  Also I have had to argue lately to get my Platinum Arrival gift of points for my stays.  They have always been awarded automatically in the past but now I have to call to get them added.

They totaled:  $382.71 (for which I received 1,500 base & 750 Elite & 500 PAG for 2,750 Total Points)

                      $504.55 (for which I received 3,307 base + 1,654 Elite {and they owe me 500 PAG that I pushed them for

                         yesterday on the phone which have yet to show up on my acct} for 4,961 Total Points

                      $421.02 (for which I received 2,390 base + 1,195 Elite {and they owe me 500 PAG that I pushed them for

                          yesterday on the phone which have yet to show up on my acct} for 3,585 Total Points


Would very much appreciate help understanding what Marriott Rewards deems is and what is not an incidental charge and how to determine the real total tax per folio.