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Long term stays and promotions

Question asked by nipper on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by arizonatag

OK,  so currently I check in Sunday and out Friday.




Have the option to keep the same room (which they will bill weekly) at the same overall (weekly) rate.  So it will end up costing me a little more (for the couple of weeks I do not travel), but having the same room and keeping things in there while I am at home is a nice option.


The issue I have will be promotions. If M continues to do stay-based promotions, by the rules, this would count as a single stay.  Basically making the promotion completely worthless to me.


However, having the confidence in Marriott IT,  I suspect they look at bills and award points per bill, so if I get billed weekly, then I am at par with what I normally would get. 


I know we have some people who do long term stays (I have to commit for 365 days, but have a 2 year commitment at work), so if someone can post and let me know what your experience is I would appreciate it.