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Do you monitor your points and night stay credit?

Question asked by 702rugbyref on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by 702rugbyref

I am asking this for a friend...just kidding. I don't usually do this but on occasion I do and recently I had a 4 night stay at Phoenix Renaissance that has never showed up in my nights or points. I received the folio as well with the correct information. Yes they have my account and MR # linked but how can this possibly happen and then I wonder how many people are so busy they would miss these 'perks' which they have earned? I get things do slip through the cracks as it were but I doubt this is as rare as maybe we are lead to believe.


I know that I had to contact MR CS at least 3 times last year to may sure I received these credits. I will be doing the same today for this recent occurrence.