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Who do I escalate to about some compensation for paid for wedding event that didn't happen?

Question asked by es175dan on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by hallchr

I am a Silver Elite on my way to Gold this year and have been a member for many years and unfortunately my son's wedding was called off after I made two large payments. We gave the Renaissance Hotel in Austin several months notice so that they could hopefully rebook. Even if they weren't able to rebook the room what is the real cost to them which wouldn't include food or labor with this much notice versus the many thousands that we paid them? If they did rebook then they will effectively double dip at my expense. This is wrong on multiple levels and I have to question my own loyalty to Marriott with all of the business travel that I do. There must be some way for them to meet me halfway versus just taking all the money off the table. The hotel itself is not interested in helping me in any way.