Sad and horrible experience at Marriott location with my newborn

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It is extremely sad to write such an email regarding one of my most beloved brands, Marriott.

This is regarding my current stay at Residence Inn Marriott, 10 Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 - The trip started with unpleasant surprises at this hotel and I am sure this will be one of the worst stay ever, by the end of this trip.

I booked a 1 Bedroom Suite (with my corporate account) several weeks in advance. I was planning to take my family of 4 along with my newborn to my workplace and hence called in advance to be upgraded to a 2 Bedroom Suite.

I understand this was a request and nothing can be confirmed till the day of arrival. I called them multiple times before my stay started, just to make sure I get the upgrade if it is available.

I finally called the hotel on 3/24/2018 and spoke to Bryan, who confirmed that I have been upgraded to a 2 Bedroom Suite for my stay, except for 3/31, 4/1, 4/11 and 4/12 as the hotel is sold out for those days for the 2 Bedroom suite. I agreed to take the offer and requested him to look for opportunities if he could upgrade me for those dates as well.

On the day of arrival, 03/25/2018 we reached late night around midnight, only to be surprised bitterly that there were no such upgrades. So we had to squeeze in with 4 adults and a newborn in the 1 Bedroom.

I tried to reason with them, but they blatently denied of any such promises. I just mentioned 4 major points, which are more of basic common sense:

1. Why would anyone call multiple times before coming in, just to make sure, if it was not urgently required.

2. Why would anyone share all the family details (along with newborn) if it was not urgent?

3. Why was I promised earlier and not provided after that?

4. All these mess could be avoided if they had not promised and I could have easily postponed/ canceled or switched to another nearby hotels.


I have been a loyal customer (Platinum Elite) to Marriott for several  years now. As part of my job profile, Marriott WAS always my go-to hotel to stay during my weekly Monday-Thursday stays. But with such bitter experience for this trip, I will never stay at this location EVER.


The customer service was horrible to say the least.

1. Lack of Ownership - Apart from blatantly denying and constant arguing that no such promises were made, they never tried to own the situation. They were extremely rude afterwards to say the least.

2. Unwillingness to help - They showed absolute disinterest to help and their tone was unprofessional.

3. Disinterest to resolve issues promptly - We had to use laundry and hence needed some quarters. they only had $1.50. They should be better prepared to help such requests.

4. Poor bedding/ furniture - The sofa bed was stuck and wont open. We had to call for assistance every time, till we decided to give up and do it ourselves. It was pain every time and nobody tried to fix it.

5. Over-promising, under-delivering - The major was the promise made for the upgrade and the pain we have to go through every day during our stay. It is absolutely horrible experience!!!

In addition to the above mentioned, I also tried to call the Marriott (Dedicated Platinum Elite) Customer care and was stunned with the poor experience as well.

1. I spoke to a Customer Care Representative on 3/26/2018 9:00AM , who showed willingness to resolve the issue after talking to the hotel. She was patient and listened carefully, raising my hopes, that she might understand my situation. She promised to call me back after talking to the Hotel General Manager. I NEVER received a call back.

2. I called back again on 3/26/2018 3:00PM and was shocked to find that I had to repeat the same details gain, as they could not find any notes/ details regarding my last call.

3. I was put on hold for over 20 minutes, just to be reminded of how the Marriott policies work. I was asked several questions after that and finally transferred to another representative.

4. I had to repeat myself again and she again mentioned the Marriott policies and was fumbling with her response.

5. On providing the details again, and on learning that my entire family with my newborn is already at the hotel she said she will reach out to hotel, after putting my call on hold.

6. I was on hold for over 15 minutes (again) and the call was disconnected. Then she called and left a voicemail saying she will call me shortly after discussing with the hotel.

7. I NEVER received any call back (yet again)

I could see Marriott dropping the ball in all possible situations and would expect it to better live up to its brand in real sense. It is extremely distasteful to keep a family hanging, especially with a newborn.


-Not so loyal customer anymore

Brinto Roy