"Best Rates for Members", yes, but...

Discussion created by craig71188 on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by seatexan

So Marriott continues to tout that members get their best rates. Technically true, but, only on advance, prepaid, non-cancellable terms.  For instance, I am planning a trip to Bowling Green, KY in April.  Best rate for members is $95 per night, prepaid, no cancellation.  If I were a AAA member, I could get the same room for $97 a night and cancel 48 hours out if need be.  If Marriott Rewards members are so valuable, why does the AAA member (who may only stay 1 night a year if at all) get more generous terms for a only $2 more per night?  As a business traveler and one who personally travels on a schedule where "things happen", I look for flexibility as things change.  Marriott in essence charges their best members for this flexibility - perhaps we aren't as valued as one would think.


Marriott, this advertising is very disingenuous and (at least to me) a constant irritant.