If it’s not’s c-r-a-p!

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And this hotel is certaintly not Scottish, so it’s....C-R-A-P! Its going to be a long 5 day stay. 

The Good. Category 2


The Bad


A hold for $280 for incidentals. Ridiculous.



Stains on the couch, carpet, everywhere,  dirty...dirty...dirty. A 6 cans of Lysol kind of place.


1 closet door


Found closet door....doubt I can squeeze by bed to get it though.


A king bed? C’mon.....a King bed for King midget. Granted i’m tall, but my feet touch the dresser!


The Ugly

Party across the hall. SO LIKE 3 feet away.....and grounding out my TV. I asked them politely to keep the noise down, and got the stink eye and just more noise.

Kids running the halls knocking on doors and running away.

Calls to front desk unanswered.

Dishes put away dirty.

You know tonight some jocko is going to be smoking in their room. Count on’s that kind of place.


I’ve actually stayed in worse Marriott’s, but it’s been awhile.  Thanks for the reminder inconsiderate rude guests and Marriott. Guess I was living too good a SPG life lately.