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Any recent experiences with the 5 or 7 day hotel + miles redemption?

Question asked by zeldacrazi on Mar 23, 2018
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We're a couple in our late 20s from Ohio looking to book a trip at the beginning of August (he has his shutdown during this time so we have to take vaca that week). I am a Platinum Elite member with 250,000 points to burn (still increasing every week as I travel for work). Originally, we were planning on driving to NYC and staying at the JW near Central Park... but after lurking on here a while we noticed that we can use our points for a combined flight and hotel package. Something in the Caribbean would absolutely take our vacation to the next level! Does anyone have recent experience with this?


I know the 5 day packages are technically reserved for Vacation Club members, but I also saw that some people were able to book depending on their status and the rep they talked to. Where do YOU think we can get the biggest bang for our buck? How was your experience booking one of these packages? Is the point conversion worth it or would you suggest we just stick to a road trip somewhere?


Thanks so much for your advice!