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Recalculation of points in my favor not back to Marriott account ?

Question asked by deejeedave on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by verysuiteboy

Hi all,

i have a very specific question that seems also for the Marriott Customer team unsolved so far (a pity as normally, reply and action were OK for my issues...).

Some time ago, i made a reservation to a Marriott hotel with my points for a 7night stay, that resulted in a deduction of 150.000 points (5nights 20.000 + 2nights 25.000 points).

As this stay is coming in 2weeks, i again checked my reservation and saw in that view, i could "Order reward certificate(s) for this reservation". So I did, assuming this is needed.

To my surprise, the system showed my another calculation of that stay, mentioning i only need 120.000 as it is calculating 6nights of 20.000 and 1 free night.

Nice ! It is mentioning that changes will be back to my account, so i clicked the 'submit changes' button.

As points are normally immediately taken from my account, i supposed the +30.000 should also come quickly, but so far nothing happened, and also the ticket at the Marriott Support team seems silence.


anybody similar experience ? (i still see on the reservation page, in the Room frame the initial calculated points (150.000), but the calculation of points per nights is together 120.000).

Hoping i get here some feedback/reply as the sum of 30.000 points is not a minor one...

thanks !